3D Printed Lever for AirPax Circuit Breakers


This is a very specific project, but I’m writing about it anyway in case someone has the same problem. I own an old boat, with an old switch panel that has old circuit breakers. Needless to say these particular breakers are not made anymore, but they still work well. Except the levers have a nasty habit of breaking.

After breaking two levers off, I decided it would be good to have some spare, either that or replace the whole circuit breaker. So I got Solidworks out, measured a lever up as best I could and sent it off to Shapeways for printing. I got the design printed in several different materials to trial, and received them a few weeks later.

Success! The brass and bronzed steel materials turned out the best and are extremely solid. I doubt they will ever break. The black plastic materials seem to shrink a fraction during printing, but they still fit and work well. I am pleased with the results and a little surprised the model worked on the first go. Now I wont have to replace the whole circuit breaker if a lever breaks!


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