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Katz & Maus Automata

Poking around on the internet one day, I found this clever Cat and Mouse Automata from Germany, and decided to try and build it. The plans are available free for download too! I think it’s cheating to use a laser … Continue reading

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Tea Candle Lamp

I decided to try and design a tea candle lamp with the help of a laser cutter. I drew the pattern using a thick marker, scanned it, converted it to a vector and then massaged it some. I used white … Continue reading

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Custom Pinball Machine

Another project I’ve worked on over the past 5 years is a custom pinball machine! I’ve created a separate site to document the project, but I thought I should at least mention it here. Check it out:¬†

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Laser Cutting

So I joined TechShop. They have lots of cool stuff to play with, one thing being a laser cutter. I decided to make use of the laser and make some cool wall art of Pittsburgh! I created the source vector … Continue reading

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Wooden Rings

Recently I tried making some rings as a present for someone special. I found an interesting article¬†about making segmented rings without a lathe, so I decided to give it a shot. To get started I bought some 1/8″ inch thick … Continue reading

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Watch out for Chinese Counterfeits!

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Big Muff Pi

Being inspired by the Black Keys I decided to make Big Muff Pi clone, and inject some dirty, dirty grit into my guitar sound. The circuit for such a thing is readily available on, which means all the hard … Continue reading

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Weather Station Part 2

Continued from part 1. Alright! So I got my Arduino, time to mess around with it! …and in the process of messing around with it, the serial port on the router stopped working. <Sad-Face>. Luckily the WRT54G has two serial … Continue reading

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Do Not Press!

Just a little coffee table pleaser I whipped up. Hook it up to any wireless remote, and you’re in business. I don’t actually have a use for it yet, but its fun telling people not to press it. As usual, … Continue reading

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Weather Station Part 1

Way back in 2007 I made a weather station to be used on my dad’s property. The original idea was to build a station that could log temperature, humidity, wind speed and rain and make the data available on the … Continue reading

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