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Nixie Tube Clock

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Simple Home Automation Web Interface [Part 3]

To continue on from my previous posts about the cheap wireless AC outlets, here is some code for a simple web interface that will let you turn on and off the outlets via buttons on a web page.

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Home Automation [Part 2] – Scheduling with CRON

# m h dom mon dow command # * * * * * command to execute # ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ # │ │ │ │ │ # │ │ │ │ │ # │ │ │ │ └───── … Continue reading

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Cheap, Easy Raspberry Pi Home Automation (for Australia) [Part 1]

In my hacking adventures I came across these awesome, super-cheap wirelessly controlled mains power outlets from Jaycar Electroncis in Australia. [UPDATE: This can also be used, but you need to get a 433Mhz transmitter separately]. They are on clearance, which means … Continue reading

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Building a NMEA 0183 Wind Instrument

UPDATED 09/08/2016. Following on from the last project, where I broadcast NMEA GPS data to iSailor, I wanted to send wind measurements as well. The mast in my Westsail 32 was out, and it was a perfect time to put a … Continue reading

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MIDI Keyboard Visualiser

A while back I bought some cheap, multi-colour LED modules on ebay. I’m not sure what they were designed to be used for, as each time power was applied they cycled through different colour combinations. The modules had an AT89C2051 microcontroller on … Continue reading

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3D Printed Gear Heart

Thought I’d see what this 3D printing thing is all about. Turns out it couldn’t be easier! You choose a part from Thingiverse, such as a Gear Heart, download the model, load it into Makerware and just press print! I … Continue reading

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Tea Candle Lamp

I decided to try and design a tea candle lamp with the help of a laser cutter. I drew the pattern using a thick marker, scanned it, converted it to a vector and then massaged it some. I used white … Continue reading

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Custom Pinball Machine

Another project I’ve worked on over the past 5 years is a custom pinball machine! I’ve created a separate site to document the project, but I thought I should at least mention it here. Check it out:

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Laser Cutting

So I joined TechShop. They have lots of cool stuff to play with, one thing being a laser cutter. I decided to make use of the laser and make some cool wall art of Pittsburgh! I created the source vector … Continue reading

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