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IoT WiFi Boat Monitor

Well I’ve been sitting on this one for a while and finally have time to write it up. With my boat sitting on a mooring, I wanted a easy way to check it’s vital signs: such as position, battery voltage … Continue reading

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PID Espresso Coffee Machine Mod

After playing around with an old G3 Ferrari espresso machine, I find that my barista skills are rather lacking. However it becomes difficult to improve them when the espresso machine has such a wide temperature range. Most machines have a simple … Continue reading

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DIY Marine Anemometer System

Finally I had time to complete the wind vane system on my sail boat. As I’ve mentioned in previous projects I am using a Peet Bros marine grade anemometer at the top of the mast. I managed to mount the new anemometer … Continue reading

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Cheap Temperature Gauge for a Boat Engine

Here is a good idea I saw for cheaply monitoring engine temperatures. If your boat engine has ever overheated (like mine has) you will be a little paranoid about watching the temperature. I found some cheap digital thermostats on eBay and … Continue reading

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Tea Candle Lamp

I decided to try and design a tea candle lamp with the help of a laser cutter. I drew the pattern using a thick marker, scanned it, converted it to a vector and then massaged it some. I used white … Continue reading

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Custom Pinball Machine

Another project I’ve worked on over the past 5 years is a custom pinball machine! I’ve created a separate site to document the project, but I thought I should at least mention it here. Check it out: http://worlddominationpinball.wordpress.com/

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